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Preparing for a Photoshoot

Thank you for choosing Spotlight Homephotos for your real estate photography needs! Here at Spotlight, we understand first impressions are everything in today’s real estate market. Below are some suggested tips on preparing your home for photography. It would be greatly appreciated to make all preparations to your home before the photographer arrives. This allows your home to receive adequate time and attention before the photographers next appointment.



  • Remove cars from driveway and front of home

  • Hide any garbage cans or recycling bins

  • Minimal landscaping (mowing, raking, trimming shrubs)

  • Close the garage door

  • Remove toys and gardening tools

  • Turn on fountains


General/ Interior

  • Turn on all lights and replace burnt out bulbs

  • Turn off all ceiling fans

  • Put all toilet seat covers down

  • Clean all windows especially those in direct sunlight (as streaks and dirt are more noticeable here)

  • Wipe down stovetops

  • Open blinds on windows with a desired view

  • Hide any photos and personal effects not wanted in photos

  • Hide any pet beds or toys

  • Hide any garbage cans

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